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than a year's worth of work that i put in with a number of my constituents. the organizations, the city attorney and the department of building and infection. and no secret that many of us have been struggling with the impacts of foreclosures on our community. often when we talk about the foreclosures we are focused on assisting home owners on modifying their loans or finding resources. however over the last year in district ten in particular, we have also been battling with what what happens after a foreclosure has taken place. many of the homes have fallen into disrepair and become magnets for graffiti and a physical bliet on our neighborhood. i have personally spent months contacting entities that own a number of foreclosed properties urging them to comply with nuisance regulations. we found that more often than not, that the individuals or the entities who own multiple foreclosed property have the greatest disregard for our neighborhood and our city's nuisance regulations. now the ordinance before you today, would do a number of things, it would one, it would designate public nuance
a cost break down for this broadcasting. there is no cost to utilize the space. we thank the city council for being flexible and working with limited resources. the sfgov tv cost are $35,000 annually for 24 meetings. and we would like to thank them for being flexible and willing to do this. supervisors, it's our office's opinion that the cost associated with increasing a citizen's access to democracy and promoting government accountablity. we hope to work with the implementation of this very important project. additionally, supervisor olague would like to thing her co-sponsors, supervisors mar and kimm as they have worked with residents of the housing authority sites. we don't have the need for a staff report on this, but i should point out that henry alvar alvarez, the director of the authority is in the audience today. >> he's upstairs. sorry. he's no longer -- >> so, ms. tucker. thank you. is the housing authority in support of this? >> the housing authority is in support of this. >> okay. so mr. alvarez was here, we would say yes. >> he would support, yes. >> so they are willing to pa
create a global business center here. now, rapid economic growth has re-shaped the city'surb. shanghai-- world mega-city... homeo 17 million people, and by some counts, e most denselyopulated ace on ear. it's now the economic capital of china and point of contact for much foreign trade. shanghai is a center of research, development and higher education. most new chinese cars are now made here. migrants from the interior flock to make new lives here. but the surge in growth is relatively recent. until 1991, shanghai was stymied. why was it held back, and how did it boom? some of the answers may be found in china's historical geography, which colors its outlook toward foreigners. for centuries, the threat came over land, from the north and west. mongols and manchus frequently raided, and often ruled, chinese society. more recently, the invaders came by sea. following a victory in the opium wars, the british won concessions in several chinese ports, including shanghai in 1843. shanghai reached t zenith of its colonial power in the early 20th century. the outside presence can still be seen
of this city. >> speaker speaking in spanish. >> we respectfully ask that -- be re-instate d. >> speaker speaking in spanish. >> what's happening in the city of san francisco i ask you to stop it. >> speaker speaking in spanish. >> the mayor has used too much resources in the political -- [inaudible] should be utilized for the well fair of our community. >> speaker in spanish. in addition this process has been [inaudible] for attempting to -- [inaudible] allegations of perjury. >> speaker speaking in spanish. i'm sorry. >> his family is an abuse of power suspended without pay denying him the opportunity to the due process. >> clapping. senior, gracio u.s. >> next speaker? >> that's it that's it. >> okay is that it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much okay next speaker. >> yes, sir we need the over head. >> yes i'm a 54 year resident of san francisco. i'm from fill more california. the aacp voter registration drive the children who died in 1963 in an act of terrorism by a group of ku, klux clan niggers meaning lowly and degraded persons that's my soul responding and it's respondi
the lease to the union square garage with the city and uptown parking corporation. >> this is adopted. >> 16. >> authorizing the department of public health to extend a grant in the amount of $748,000 for the centers of disease control for a program entitled the stop study, for the period of june, 15, 2012, through june 14, 2013. >> same house, same call, this is adopted. >> 17. >> resolution authorizing the office of contract administration to enter into a fifth amendment between the en point technology sales, from 38.5 million to 54.1 million. >> same call, adopted. >> authorizing the office of contract administration to increase the limit from 51.5 million to $67.9 million. >> same house, same call? >> this resolution is adopted. >> authorizing the office of contract station to enter intoed third amendment between the city and cct technologies increasing the limit from 24.5 million to 24.5 million. >> same house, same call. >> this resolution is adopted. next item. >> item 20, amending the park restrictions between the hours. >> thank you, president chu. before us today is a piece of leg
who came out, i want to especially thank the work of all of the city agencies, the work that olse is doing and there's a lot of coordination that goes into this, but for me, what was especially touching was hearing from the worker who talked about his story and something that actually just happened so it's not like this is something that goes back two, three years, this is something that is very recent. i know that there are differences of opinion on this committee and on the board but i do think and with the mayor as well, i do hope we can get to a resolution. there are two issues that i think remain unresolved, i think on the issue of the surcharges, i know there has been an effort to address that issue, i still don't think the effort goes far enough and while i appreciate that this board and the mayor have given more resources to olse, i think that we flexed -- need to consider being more proactive about that work, olse is able to do that if they have the resources to do that, i don't think it's simply enough for us to react until there are complaints that are issued, protecti
of the healthiest cities in the u.s. and ranked from business week as the best city in the united states, you know, it's hard to believe that none of these particular employees had any health care expenses at all. >> that was in 2011, right? >> no, actually, two days ago, that's u.s. city -- >> no, no. >> that's every year, but in terms of data, 2011? >> yes. >> and this isn't criticism, you can't have data that doesn't exist yet in terms of the collection, but -- and maybe you want to go to one of your colleagues in terms of addressing given the change many the law, we know there was a problem before and we can sgraoe or disagree whether the legislation that was passed and signed was the best or not the best way that he we had a disagreement on the board, we can agree there was a change? >> we agree, and so based on your response then and based on what's going forward, i'd like to turn the podium over to my colleagues, kay evans and matthew could cohen to address the issue. >> just one second, i think the reason i'm bringing this up is -- and i don't want to speak for president chu, we're comin
's office to ensure the city departments can't encumber that contract until the board has additionally appropriated funds to support it. in the case of a multi-year contract authorization for example we only allow the department to encumber funds one fiscal year at a time as you appropriate funds to meet that contract. so that secondary control you are talking about does exist and we do administer it and would apply in this case. the board could approve the authorization that is requested here. we would only allow the department to encumber the piece of the contract for which they had funds in hand and for which the board has approved an appropriation. to the extent additional appropriations become available, in essence it allows the mta to order the last items on the menu that would exist within the authorization you would have provided. >> thank you. so why don't we go to the budget analyst report. i believe the budget analyst had sort of a recommendation to amend the contract language, et cetera. i know there's been conversations with the budget analyst about whether this would be a
would the mayor support that, having independent information given to the city? >> i believe the mayor did support that in the budget he just signed and i think it's going be a telling factor, as we look over the next year. >> olse said, from what i understand, they're not going to be auditing these businesses so would you support that they aq the mayor be in support of that? >> yes, i think it depends on your deaf nation of audit, as complaints go in, let's audit those companies. >> independent verification of information. >> when they do that follow-up, that is their independent verification. >> you would be support to do what they're doing but nothing beyond what they're doing? >> over the next dwraoer and as we look at the 2012 data, look at that in the context of how much more work do we need to do, have the results changed significantly as we hope they will, and also get olse's assessment on what further resources they might need. >> i would respectfully disagree, i don't think we have to wait and see that a report con firs many of us already know which is that this is
. and we've also been learning from the experiences of the cities that you mentioned, especially stockholm and london which have not repealed their congestion pricing programs. in fact, found them to be effective in providing funding for transit and alternatives for people who want other alternatives. so, i think this is an item that will continue to be in discussion. we have continued to keep the follow through of the study alive. and i believe that administration, the next administration will be faced with this issue at the federal level simply because we don't see in the transportation community agreement on an increase in the gas tax, the federal gas tax. but there is a clear need, as you saw in the plan, for new revenue. so, we picked up a new revenue, it's going to be user based. whether it's congestion pricing, whether it's vehicle miles per traveled tax, the same way that the insurance picture is going. you know, you pay for what you use. so, we think this is something that we need to stay ahead of because when the moment comes for these programs to be implemented subregionally or
to cover the city's cost operating expenses, that they work to provide a proposal for us to see cost savings measures to offset the shortfall. that is what i would ask the committee to consider. from what i understand these were provided to the budget analyst so the report reflects knowing these are part of what will be considered today. so that is it. generally this is a fairly simple resolution, though i think there may be o ther questions related. it is a resolution that approves revisions to the lease disposition agreement. changes definition of the force ma injury * if you pronounce it like that, disputes project delays not subject to liquidated damages. it is my understanding there is procurement for delays due to weather and fire but not to labor disputes because that is not something available through insurance products. i think that is primarily because i think insurance companies believe labor disputes are things that the project sponsors have the ability to control for. so there is no insurance product for that. it also authorizes procurement of insurance policy worth abou
have my wish, but when you go to other cities, particularly when you go to europe and you see buildings of this beauty and they are beautiful, above the ground floor, they generally have plaque in them and your attention is drawn to them and that's my big problem is how do you make people appreciate these buildings and they are wonderful buildings. and i'm hoping that the owners of the ground floor will figure out a way or maybe you can figure out a way. thank you very much. >> any additional public comment? >> commissioner antonini. >> i agree with the comments and i agree that these are very consistent with the three criteria. in fact, they are the essence of the criteria of the first one is providing housing to meet the city's regional housing needs, transit corridors and my understanding is most of these buildings contain housing in the upper units almost exclusively, it's pretty much all retail, i think the rest have housing and you already said that they're consistent with the general plan for the reasons stated and then the final one was the sustainable communities and what's mor
, there was this interesting spur smart city summit meeting they had the other day, there's a new company called motion law, they have sensors and it refers to sensors that tracks people and bicycles in addition to cars, and they talked about how they're work witching the union square and working with businesses to figure out the amount of traffic volume of sidewalks at different time, they are censored in 18 different neighborhood, they don't take pictures of people, they're able to track people and they're able to work with the businesses there so they can see when the different corners or block areas are most business and i crowded so they can adjust their hours and they were shows how maybe one hour later or earlier, shift in hours for a store that they could capture 90% more opportunity because the number of people that pass by there, and one of the examples that they use which i thought was really informative to our better market street conversation we were having last week is that they were working with show dogs that has that sausage bays on the mid terkt, they were having a lunch and dinner progr
the city option. there are no time limits for the medical reimbursement accounts under the city option, therefore we disagreed. of the remaining findings and recommendations, we're not in urn the purview of public health so we appropriately referred and deferred rather our comments and/or perspectives to the appropriate departments, they were findings f1, f8, f11, f13 and f13 to the office of labor standards and enforcement and finally recommendation of 4 which related to whether or not hra's should be disallowed under the health care security ordinance, we felt was more appropriate for the city attorney to be able to respond to that from a legal perspective, so we did not respond to those. let me close by saying that the department of public health has worked closely with the office of labor standards enforcement from orders of the executive order which was signed in the latter part of 2011 and specifically we have worked to target those employees who work for employers for whom the office of labor standards has identified or were investigated in terms of perhaps not inappropriately,
secrets in the city. it is hardly ever crowded. on any given day, you will run into a few locals. , bought a 37 bus to get there without any parking worries. for legged friends can run freely. there is also a patch of grass for the small box. >> it is a great place. it is a wonderful place to have these kinds of parks. that dog owners appreciate it. >> take time to notice of the wildfires that are on the grassland and keep your head out on the lookout for hawks and other bird life. be sure to take your camera and be prepared to take a view of the city will not forget. it has a beautiful red rock formations. you could watch the sunrise over the bay. this is another one of our great lookouts. we are at mount davidson. 928 feet. this is the place for you to bring someone special. to not forget that dogs and enjoy all of the pathways and greenery that surrounds you. it provides a peaceful oasis of open space and great hiking trails. the spectacular view offers a perfect place to watch the sunrise or sunset with someone you love. >> it is a good place to get away from the hectic life of the cit
armed. >>> city leaders in san jose say that prostitution is a growing challenge, and equally troubling, some of the girls involved are in their teens. >> reporter: >> cars that pullover and yell how much are you! or how much can i buy you for? >> reporter: across from this liquor for, a public library where hundreds of young individual ors walk through the doors every -- visitors walk through the doors every day. down the street, an elementary school with kids frequently crossing the intersection. visitors walk through the doors every day. down the street, an elementary school with kids frequently crossing the intersection. >> some of the women actually look under 18. >> reporter: omar torres is the executive director. the urban ministry. his organization is joining several others thursday to march and rally against the problem he says now exceeds gang violence in the community. >> i've come out of meetings and been asked, you know, to be a client. and it's upsetting. >> reporter: city councilman sam lacardo says he's well aware of the problem, and with the city police force being dow
, but also because it's reliably windy and we think together, the city, the county, the sporting -- all of us involved in cup, it's going to be a triple win because we're spending picturing around all over the globe of the bay area and of this past event and i think the future events that are going to represent you all and all of us in the city very nicely. thank you, commissioners for your support, mr. director, your support in the past. i guess you guys can all see this, the report starts with the last event and i'll do the first couple of three slides and adam will kick in, america's series ri gotta, we got some 60 thousand on the peak and marina green, if you see the boats on the water and the others around the bay area, there was tens of thousands of people watching a spectacularly successful event, you tube and published stories around the world were in the thousands, we had many, many accredited media from some 15 countries and i just don't know what else to say except as an arena for sailing, it's just amazing. the reliable breeze, the sailing right up along the shore and remember, co
in the code. with that said, can we also then -- the city attorney isn't here, but the neighborhood association has asked for two conditions, one, the signage thing which we're saying we'd be glad to have it come back and look at it but we can't do anything about it which is the same thing that happened with verizon that ticked everybody off in the neighborhood because we had thought that part of the sign which i think got bigger was supposed to be within the dimension that was clearly in a photograph that was -- that we saw in the area and i think it got bigger or something, but in any case, i think that's something that is troubling people, i understand we can't take any action but maybe we can have some kind of memo or drawing or something that we can see, but we can't make it a condition. the other thing with respect to the space, i understand that we can approve the project with the 3200 square feet and the configuration, we'd have to make that condition or are we approving the plan on that basis? >> because the motion was written, i'm sorry, i believe i can answer that, the mo
victims in the city and acknowledge your role and the role of advocates in the community to serve as sentinaland watch dogs to make sure that the justice system works, that when we don't, or ways that we can improve you volunteer to serve on committee and help us work through some of these thorny policy issues. and also i think for the department, i really responded to the progress that we have made on the language access pgo. and the recognition, a lot of times in the meetings we talk about the fact that the department is a leader in certain areas. it is almost like when you are dealing with discipline and problems and what the problems are and you don't tend to talk about what is going well and tonight it is good because the partnership between the community groups and the advocates and the police department in this city, i think, is something that you guys have really worked on and it benefits, identifies gaps and ultimately keeps people more safe and does not play a blame game. so i am really grateful for your service and acknowledge the department for bringing in the communit
commission used to be. >> it is a city or state agency i guess within the city i think technically. maybe that is -- >> essentially, that is right. >> thanks. >> commissioner moore. >> does this pose for this particular city was probably one of the most physically active in the state of california. physical building, any problems as you see it? i find it unusual you would not be asked to be on the physical end but rather the financial end. that is a tough call. >> commissioners, director ram, we are in a discussion of this. of course it is not on your calendar. if it is your desire to discuss this, and this is a subject i would recommend you discuss, maybe we should calendar this for next week, for discussion next week. >> we have a memo coming. the question is whether you want to actually calendar it. >> when does the memo come out? >> you will get it today. >> is there interest for that? >> yes, there is. >> let's calendar an item for this particular topic. >> okay. thank you. >> ms. rogers. >> good afternoon, commissioners. anne rogers, planning department staff here for your we
of interest. that is the latest from the scene. >> thank you. we are also monitoring a fire in ocean city that is still not under control. officials say the fire severely damaged one building on the north side of the bradley on the bay condo complex located in the 3700 block of coastal highway in ocean city. as many as 18 units were damaged. no reports of any injuries. here are some pictures of the fire. when you see breaking news, send your pictures and videos to u local. police are investigating the discovery of a body about 7:00 tonight near boston and leakin streets in the inner harbor. detectives have been assigned to the case and are calling the death suspicious. >> the formation of a need to the group at tulsa university has -- is raising questions about racial equality. students of both sides of the issues got to sound off a student government hearing about the formation of a white student union. some ask for clarification questions. others denounced it completely. organizers say it will be an advocacy group, source of pride and a safe haven for white students to a been discrimina
. occupiers were told they couldn't come pick their items up out of their time. the city says denise to work on a water leak underneath the buildings. nor injuries reported there were some yelling but overall police said the occupiers were not unruly overnight. the going to be standing guard here outside of the bad for who knows how long. >>> hit last that the referees union and the league reached a tentative agreement. the new terms of the deal. >>> after a series of missed calls runs with coaches and players and on field confucian the nfl replacement officials are heading to the sidelines. hill league and officials of union agree on a tentative eight year contract that will put the normal officiating crews or back on the field. we have the finest officials in sports now it's time to put the focus back on the teams and players were belongs. the two sides get serious about the negotiations after monday night's game between the packers and seahawks. london and new deal the average pay for the brass will rise from $149,000 a year to $173,000 next year. and 205,000 by 2019. some players are gla
as the matter is very important to them. later he visited the city hall and met with the mayor to seek his cooperation. he is firmly oppose to the government's proposal. local residents also have mixed feelings. >> i understand there must be a site some where. i can't completely agree with this. >> each of japan's 47 prefectures is responsible for disposing some radioactive ash and mud with cessium levels of 8,000 becerels per kilogram. aw nasa pieced together more than 2,000 separate exposures of a small patch of the universe. the resulting image accurately captures 5,500 galaxies that are difficult to observe from earth0 >> a faers battle going on in the industry to hire well qualified programmers. in the contest, the participants are asked to write programs that automatically solve the puzzle by rearranging dice. all of the problems are designed specifically to test their skills to write gaming programs. other contestants have to come up with idea to solve the problems and put them into numbers and sim bymbols to makem work. they have two hours to solve five problems. speed is a big fac
to the city. he spelled out the exposure of the city there would be in terms of cash 2.4 million dollars that would need to be put into the cash collateral or escrow immediately that may or may not be used. also another $1 million the city would have to come up with in terms of paying the premium on the $5 million insurance policy that the organizing committee will obtain. these are in the budget, are general fund moneys and reimbursable by america's cup organizing committee. if the cash collateral were to be drawn down in case the city couldn't meet its obligations or if there were additional funds, the additional 2.4 million during the event, those moneys are supposed to be reimbursable by the america's cup organizing committee. but as we said in our earlier report in march the availability of those funds is not certain. there was a discussion of fundraising. it is short of the $32 million that was originally considered. the city's been paid in full through june. we don't know about the august payments, so we do consider this to be a policy matter for the board because of the uptick i
a deputy city attorney and i think that the time is long past to ask the city attorney to take the steps that you normally take in this kind of situation -- oh, she is still here -- that you have the city attorney initiate actions towards court orders, fines and condemnation, this is the thing that needs to be done while we're working, you know, the other attempt at resolution. the property manager in the city says, you know, nothing i can do exactly because i can't get authorized to do anything by the officials in sacramento or the people here, so when the people who really are managing the property there, the two owners on the two sets of corners contact the person in sacramento, she writes back and she says, there's no electricity and i hope this church will be demolished really soon, alright, so this is no way to proceed. now, i would like to tell you about what was happening in the court proceeding of the federal attempted mediation, which i guess i will have to tell you another time. it's undermining completely what could happen her, it's nullifying city and state law and that is n
it is prudent to revise the memo in a comprehensive manner in recognition of the plan that the city just adopted. so with that the department proposals in two weeks, on the 11th, the two commissions amend the 1989 memo to revise the absolute cumulative limits for the seven parks that has them that could potentially be shaded by buildings in plan area and be reflective of what was in the planned eir. additionally, the department also recommends that qualitative material be adopted. not just numerics because clearly the number doesn't show you the whole story but where the shadow would fall and how long it would last at any one time. like done for three parks given budgets or greater than 1989 we recommend commissions also adopt essentially criteria that any new shadows that would be considered within these new increased budgets would be consistent with shadow profiles analyzed in the plan's eir. so if a building came along that wanted to shade union square that wasn't -- or portsmouth square that wasn't consistent with shadow profile analyzed in this planned eir but states within the budget, it w
are getting ready to decide in november whether to allow medical marijuana dispensary in their city. it would allow three in that city. they would have to located in commercial or industrial areas. they say it would provide a place to get medsinnal marijuana. >>> oakly extended his ban on internet cafes. they stretched it for another 10 months while they come up with regulations. officials are worried they will attract crimes. >>> a facebook security guard and another man are in jail for stealing 49 laptops from facebook. he used to work at that campus. he was arrested monday morning along with another man. a security guard notified police after he saw them carrying them out of the building. officers pulled them over and recovered all of the stolen items. >>> barnes and noble is revealing a new nook today. it comes with 7 or 9-inch screens for $199 or $269. they are also offering a video streaming service for the nook. they are available for preorder and ships in october. >>> the oracle sailing team canceled plans to train in hawaii over the winter. the team is modifying the boat and will not
of economic office, lewis stewart, gale maderas, qb3's regkelly and esteemed colleagues of the city and dr. andres bush and the drug discovery leadership and our employees for joining us on this exciting occasion, the next step of expanding the innovation in mission bay. today is notust about the launch coelaborate , but thanks to mission bay's reputation as the hub, the area has become one of the most dynamic clusters of scientific innovation as witnessed by pfizer and the continued expansion of nektar and growing start-up companies that number over 30 many mission bay alone complimented by ucsf and three new hospitals here in mission bay. we're thrilled as of today mission bay can add the colaborator to its growing in the area and for bayer this is another step in the company's greatest history of leadership and development and our partnering of life science firms. today we'll start the clock on what we'll hope will be a longlar of collaboration between bay area and the most innovative companies in the area. before we introduce the first companies to occupy the area -- -- >> thank you
reappointment. thank you. >> thank you very much and we thank mr. larkin for his willingness to serve the city and county of san francisco. it can we take this same house same call? same house same call, item passes. madam clerk, can you read item 9? >> approve the final report of the central freeway and octavia circulation study. >> there any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? please come forward. you have three minutes. >>> good morning, commissioners. >> is the mic -- >>> now it's on, thank you. good morning, commissioners. my name is jackie. i'm a member of the citizens advisory committee for the transportation authority. we heard this item at our last cac meeting and i attended last week's plans and programs committee meeting. the one thing that was not brought up as far as the octavia boulevard study, you have to remember there are a lot of senior and disabled individuals that live along this corridor that depend on safe walking, safe crossing the streets sort of thing. besides the fact there is also a major housing -- the housing authority, physical housing autho
of the city. providing incentives for existing stores to change their business plans to offer fresh produce and healthier foods. also an over abundance of corner stores that sell a huge amount of junk food that are high in salt fat sugar and especially low in nutrients in communities that lack supermarkets families depend heavily on corner stores for food purchases limited to packaged food and very little if any fresh produce. so a one stop shop that would provide information and technical assistance to all san francisco residents businesses and organizations wishing to become healthy food retailer. oewd will explore how it can enhance existing job programs and provide new opportunities for san francisco residents including low income individuals and youth and creating incentives to higher san francisco residents and help our cities effort especially in hiring throughout our neighbors i look forward to speaking with many of you about this in the following weeks. the two honoraries earlier they have been leading an effort support san francisco public schools week with a number of student lea
throughout the bay area purify >> because the unidentified male patient did leave city limits before getting sick of the san francisco department public-health does not know for sure if the patient contracted the virus in san francisco were somewhere else in the bay area. confidentiality laws prevent officials from a leasing much information from about the man. for they can't say they he developed encephalitis and that he is now at home recovering. >> this patient did have an inflated civil. it tends to occur in patients who are 50 or older or patients who have been compromised immune system. this patient fit that profile. >> the coastal climate keeps the mosquito population much lower than other parts of the bay area if which is light was smile activity is a very rare. they say it is the heart disease to track so there are likely more cases that may never be afforded. what >> is really the tip of the iceberg. a lot of people have become infected. the truth is, there are more infections occurring but we're actually aware of. >> let's break this down by county to show you where was mile i
-- that are getting handed out to you there is a list of the 15 official schools that are participating in the city's safe routes to school program and there are contact people and the start times of those schools so you can figure out where the closest school for you to meet up and walk in with the students if possible. i know mr. yee will be with us at the city central event at buena vista haraceman and ms. mendoza can testify it's really fun, and i wanted to let you know this year we're celebrating a big victory. walk sf has had a campaign over the last couple of years and we had success this year because san francisco is now as of this april the first city in the state to have expanded safer school zones city wide so 181 school there is are 15 miles per hours speed zones and the police are out enforcing them and will see next wednesday and that is far more than any other city in the state. the city that started this has five 15-mile an hour zones so we really -- >> [inaudible] >> yeah. exactly. and other cities are looking to san francisco now to follow our lead and so i hope you will drive
. bay bridge toll virtually nobody coming into the city at this hour, very light as you head in no metering lights, light on the upper deck to southern is county west 152 at dinosaur point road an accident injury accident blocking left lane. west dumbarton continues roadwork, a little slow traffic headed from newark towards the menlo park area. eastbound san mateo bridge, foster city boulevard towards flat section roadwork there. giants game, ferry no delays now expect crowds on that 11:10 and 11:40 a.m. ferry even though they are going the giants ferry, these ferries otherwise sell-out. give yourself plenty of time. returning from the city 4:25 and 5:25 larkspur ferry tend to be very rounded. >>> next, 11-year-old boy wounded in a gang shooting comes home from the hospital to a house where he now lives in fear. tells the story only to abc7 news. >>> he survived a deadly avalanche. what bay area native is saying about history fighing ordeal on one of the world's highest peaks. >>> first in morning's technology news. >>> in today's tech bites, new look at which countries enjoy
is not ready for the regatta in march than the city may be facing penalties. ann mackovic is in san fransisco with how much money we're talking about and how much money is that? >> up to $10 million. if you have been all along the embarcadero any time recently you have seen construction sites like the one year behind may, and now the america's cup organizers and the city of san fransisco have a new agreement that has the citibank thing that these venues, now under construction, will be ready in time. >> the america's cup races in the san francisco bay brought thousands to the shoreline this summer. the second round of a preliminary races next week will likely do the same but is having the america's cup here worth the risk? >> that is a good question. >> definitely. >> you have a dilapidated pier down there. >> seven sister needs to have appear prepared for the main events and if not the city would be liable for escalating payments starting at more than $29,000 per day. up to $9.8 million to be paid to race organizers. on the biggest projects, pier 27 where a cruise ship terminal will turn int
. >> all right. >>> 7:02. later today, san francisco city council may give preliminary details about a plan to improve their finances. according to "the chronicle" the plan may include laying off some faculty and merging or even eliminating some chases. there's also speculation the castro street campus may be closed. the city college has until october 15th to kim one a final plan to reorganize the finances and avoid losing -- to come one a final plan to reorganize the finances and avoid losing -- come up with a final plan to reorganize the finances and avoid losing this. >>> the regular nfl referees will be returning. here's more. >> reporter: we were hoping to get reaction from the team here but we're told they are in ohio practicing. but the fans are very excited. local fans have been concerned that the lockout would affect upcoming 9ers and raiders' games. this new agreement allows regular referees to start officiating. replacement referees have been used for the past three weeks and several cars triggered outrage. some say the call between the seahawks and green pay was one of the worst
was the latest act of violence for a city that has seen its fair share. but this community says it is not going to give up. the bakery is buzzing with news of the tuesday night attack in the same strip mall. this man says how can he not be concerned. police are still trying to find the man who attacked the cook atlas palapas. the restaurant is down from the local safeway where a college student was killed in the produce aisle a few weeks ago. >> i'm not surprised that something like that happened. >> adeal runs the gas station next to the restaurant. he says local merchants and residents need to take ownership of their community. >> areas like this i think we can do a lot of improvement in working with law enforcement, if we all work together. >> mahmoud said he is doing his part by beautifying his business with grass and a fresh coat of paint. >> in order to fix this area up that we need to change the face of these businesses. >> thaterned mahmoud a bravo from the president of the story road business association. he witnessed a drive-by shooting at another local strip mall and perhaps more sho
team and the city view storage on treasure island. and so without regard to where this legislation stands, whether it is adopted or not. we have made a commitment that we are going to try a pilot effort with probably three vehicles that we would be able to store at city view storage on treasure island for a 3-month period. we are working through the details. but she advises that she has the support and agreement from the private storage company and the support of the treasure island office and this will be the first time that we could say, if you move into a stablization room, we will store your vehicle for a three-month period and as long as you remain in case management. that vehicle will be stored without expense and see if we can provide something successful. i do want to say that for the purposes of our office, i have a very constructive relationship with the coalition on homelessness. and i am very grateful for the advocacy that they provide and the leadership, working with the member of the board on an advac to improve the emergency shelter and rapid rehousing and to be sure
indicated that the city didn't have a plan nor sufficient staff at olse to audit surcharge compliance with the regulations. the olse's response in summary is that we absolutely intend to at least facially respond to as has been indicated already, employers are going to be required to report to us their surcharge data, how much they collect in surcharges, whether or not that's more or less the amount they spend in health care, those who report to us affirmatively that they have collected more on surcharges than they spent on health care, we will enforce the provision that they be required to spend that money irrevocably on health care, we intend to do that and have a plan to do that. at the same time, i think it's also right to say we do not have the resources to proactively investigate or to on our own velysing report to they have collected more on surcharges than spent on health care. fnt supervisor compos? >> thank you very much, mr. gold berger and -- gold berg, thank you to your and your staff with the limited resources you have, do you verify the information that's provided to y
a school and a bay area hospital plays a starring role in a film opening tonight in new york city . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening. it's wednesday, september 25th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing news out of san francisco where three people have just been taken into custody after leading police on a high speed chase. police tell us pacific heights where a woman says a man grabbed her backpack then jumped into a silver mercedes suv. it ended when the suv struck a mini van at sage and buchanan street. suspected robber and two other people were taken into custody. the driver of the mini van was injured as well as two of the suspects. a child at a nearby park was struck by debris. >>> crews are at the scene of a minor train incident right now on the peninsula. it happened within just the last hour. traffic was stopped for awhile but it does seem to be moving to the area. you can see from this, passenger reports the northbound train was packed with riders heading to to
the demand overall for fields and how many fields do we need in the city to meet demand? >> i wish i brought the permit director, i don't have those numbers at my finger trips, we are getting close to meeting real demand with regard to our program and ground sports play which is great. when i started my presentation, ground sports are escalating tremendously, we're having to turn kids away from sports teams, so square footage wide, i don't have those figures, today we've completed 16 fields, five soccer fields at one park facility, so when i say 13, it's a little misleading, with regards to how many we're going do moving forward, you heard the beach l.a. project is still moving through its process, it's going to be the last field we're proposing as part of the city fields foundation so that will conclude that project, it will be an 8 year program, but moving through, i don't have a crystal ball, if you would like, i can muster up those figures so you can get a better understanding how this fits in the overall system. >> commissioner borden. >> i wanted to say based upon the issues you broug
into walgreens and it sounds the city can work on mta to work on the parking issues and we can solve that, it wouldn't be good the penalize this business for the thing that is are really are problems that have more to do with other bad actors. >> commissioner hillis? >> i agree with the motion, just a question on the parking. why is there no parking on the street, is that a response for people trying to park at walgreens? >> it's a major thorough fair to get from ocean to monterey, the street is currently a two-way street and it's narrow so they have removed parking between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. to allow for a faster travel time between ocean and monterey. >> i think it's counterintuitive, you may want to engage mta and put parking back. parking could be a way to calm traffic, you know, and not get people to use it as a cut through or drive so fast and not park. if there's cars parked there, people are not going to park on the sidewalk, and i think walgreens is a problem with the cut through, but changing their parking and maybe adding some parking, if not, the entire parking situation, i'm su
-weather plus forecast. >> now an update to a story we brought you in breaking news last night. baltimore city police have made an arrest in the double shooting of a mother and her four-year- old sun. police say they have arrested eric ford sr. with connection to the shooting, stemming from a domestic dispute which came to a peak before 9:30 wednesday night in the 900 block of gorsuch avenue. neighbors are surprised by this type of violence in their community. >> not a typical event, really. i have seen police activity, but never caution tape and actual gunfire sort of activity. nothe victims' injuries are considered life-threatening. police are trying to figure out how a man's body ended up in the harbor. the 63-year-old man was found in the 2500 block of boston street in canton. homicide detectives are calling the death suspicious and are awaiting the medical examiner's autopsy report. police in anne arundel county say a mother left her five children alone in an odenton hotel room while she committed a robbery. tameka wright faces charges of robbery and five counts of unintended children. sh
downpours. oklahoma city picked up two inches of rain. as far as the drought has gone, i know we're not in the growing season anymore, we still need the rains. we still need to fill up the reservoirs in someareas. kansas and oklomare wototend triest over the last month or two. they're the ones getting some of the rainfall. so that's great. as far as the situation goes, kind of had one of the classic battles going on with the cool air moving from the north. warm, humid air to the south. right in the m sl where we're locked in with the showers and thundetorm la. t atio oklahoma city is now dry. almost two inches of rain for you. but as you notice you still have numerous areas of rain in tulsa, oklahoma, three quarters of a inch. significant but not a drought buster. this morning, if you've been driving the pennsylvania turnpike, you needed the wirs, rt tov tdshe philadelphia area. even a little heavy down pour north of baltimore now. so if you're driving from baltimore back up here through wilmington, delaware, you're gog to get wetn the next half hour or so. be prepared for that
into and we pushed it out. i wanted to go back quickly around our partnership we have with the city and prop h and the childrens' fund and prop a and rainy day and all of the voter approved dollars that we received. you know the monetary resources are amazing, but it also i think speaks to the investment that our larger community and our city is willing to invest in as well, and that's just huge. and lastly in addition to our teachers and our administrators and our parents and students who have worked really hard to help us show the scores as well i really want to thank carlos, our former superintendent who was willing to put himself out there pretty regularly, and fought us on things that were his passion and desires really came out, and i am so appreciative that you're following right behind him richard because it's going to be that passion and commitment that will keep us on track and then lastly just wanting to thank my colleagues for staying focused on and sticks to our strategic plan and i think too that made a huge difference in years past and the strategic plan is really clear. we
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just what the city funds, but what else is out there, what are the resources that could be availed to folks. and then there are some other ones that again, you can look at those and see what that looks like. this summer they started a human rights commission initiated a brown bag series. again, understanding that it's not just about the school district, it's not just about home, but the importance of networking and making connections and having a context. when we start talking to people about the importance of school and education, if we have generations of folks who have maybe not graduated from high school or don't have geds or have had a hard time with getting a job and you say you need to go to school to get a job, and that's not something that they have a context for, it's about creating these internships, but also these mentoring opportunities, brown bag series where people come in and share their stories of how they ended up where they are and what that process looked like. and i think for me the most memorable one was when we did it with mayor brown, and he talked about it
and the city of san francisco. >> this is going to be many events bringing people to the water front and expose people who have never seen races before. and there is three big cruise ships tied up in san francisco. heading out to see the sites. >> and we wanted to see aquarium. >> there is not a lot of folks and i asked if they would consider coming back next september. >> just making a trip to see that? >> i think i would. >> and this is kids that would love it. >> and i think she meant they'd love to see the boats not larry elly.son there. is a big crowd headed for the city next week. there are some people told us no. there is no interest in watching but then, they'll be here, perhaps. and perhaps thil see the yachts that is part of the plan. >> and there is a great shot. >> does it look chilly out there? >> sandhya patel is in for spencer. it has been cooler. >> take a look behind me from our roof camera. there is fog already over the bay. and it's going to be dense tonight. so morning commute watch out. there is live picture now. you have to see this, check it out this, is from our camera.
and gunfire lasting for hours could be heard for miles across the city. in damascus, there is no more important military building than this one. it is the headquarters for all the army's top commanders. its location is important, too, because it is just opposite syria's state television headquarters. and not far away, the president's palace, no question he would have heard the explosions. the regime initially said nobody died here. later it said four guards were killed and 14 people were injured. but it claimed no top army commanders or defense officials died. syria's regime says this rebel attack was a failure. if this is a failure, president assad should fear success. bill neely, nbc news, damascus >>> and we have a stark reminder tonight of the dangers faced by u.s. forces in afghanistan, even as the american mission there starts to wind down, happening in helmand province. and nbc's foreign correspondent, richard engel was there. u.s. troops responded to an attack by the taliban gunmen >> reporter: the marine outpost was attacked moments ago, now those responsible are being search
on new details. >> city leaders in san jose state prostitution is a growing problem. now, people who live there are trying to do something about it community leaders are planning if there is a march and rally. >> community leaders say that prostitution is nothing new to this san jose neighborhood. the same leaders say that the problem is becoming more dire every day. they say that they are seeing girls as young as 16 being sold on the street. the problem could be because the san jose police department has been stretched so so fan of the years to bad as why these same leaders are saying the the community has to take their neighborhood back. >> some of our clients say people: and ask how much can invite you for, it makes them feel completely unsafe. >> santa maria urban ministry will be knocking on doors and talking to residents in the area, telling them to be vigilant. if they see anything suspicious or see young girls flagging down cars or being flagged down to call police as soon as possible and possibly take pictures. that could also help police down the road. they will be meeti
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